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  CMP Other Accessories


  Grout Swivels

  Grout Swivels are used for simultaneous drill and grout installation, to inject grout into the bore of
  rotating CMP Hollow Bar..

  Specification are request!

  Injection Adapter


  Injection adapter is used for subsequent grouting.

P/N Deseription Weight(Kg)
1A2500 Injection adapter R25/1 0.50
1A3000 Injection adapter T30/1 0.60
1A3200 Injection adapter R32/1 0.55
1A3800 Injection adapter R38/1 0.85
1A4000 Injection adapter T40/1 0.90
1A5100 Injection adapter R51/1 1.00
1A7600 Injection adapter T76/1.5 3.00

CMP Coupling Box


  CMP coupling box enable connection between the output drive of the drilling head and the different

  CMP hollow bar diameters.
P/N Deseription Weight(Kg)
2525RR Coupling box R25-R25 with middle stop 42L=200mm 1.20
2532RR Coupling box R25-R32 with middle stop 50L=200mm 1.65
3232RR Coupling box R32-R32 with middle stop 50L=200mm 2.60
3238RR Coupling box R32-R38 with middle stop 58L=200mm 1.46
3245RT Coupling box R32-T45 with middle stop 62L=220mm 2.47
3838RR Coupling box R38-R38 with middle stop 58L=220mm 3.10
3838RT Coupling box R38-T38 with middle stop 58L=220mm 2.60
3845RT Coupling box R38-T45 with middle stop 62L=220mm 2.47
5138RR Coupling box R51-R38 with middle stop 72L=220mm 2.30
5138RT Coupling box R51-T38 with middle stop 72L=220mm 3.10
5145RT Coupling box R51-T45 with middle stop 72L=220mm 5.10
5176HT Coupling box H51-T76 with middle stop 97L=230mm 5.10
3032TR Coupling box T30-R30 with middle stop 50L=200mm 1.46
3038TR Coupling box T30-R38 with middle stop 58L=200mm 2.47
3045TT Coupling box T30-T45 with middle stop 62L=200mm 3.1
3038TT Coupling box T30-T38 with middle stop 58L=200mm 2.7
3055TH Coupling box T30-H55 with middle stop 75L=200mm 4.6
4038TR Coupling box T40-R38 with middle stop 58L=220mm 2.8
4038TT Coupling box T40-T38 with middle stop 58L=220mm 2.7
4045TT Coupling box T40-T45 with middle stop 62L=220mm 3
4055TH Coupling box T40-H55 with middle stop 75L=220mm 4.7
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